Major Ten Survival Tools & Supplies

Well there are a thousand and one scenarios of things to pack in a survival devices list because there are so many things you would need for different occasions. But if you’re going to Survive then do a prime 10 list almost all survival gear should have the basics top rated ten equipped in them. But you will find in a professional Survival Gear pack 10 individuals bags that are complied into one large bag in which become the ten essentials in survival devices list Multi Purpose Shovel.

First and far most the number one thing you will need is a Medical First Field Aid Kit, it is a kit that you put together, of pressure bandages, sealed in a water proof sealable bag, along with gauze, and medical surgical tape, some tensor bandages of different sizes, along with some shard scissors, matches, and of course some durable bands of different lengths, don’t forget to add Iodine, and some first aid spray for minor cuts, some soothing skin lotion from severe sun burns, and rubbing alcohol.

Second, you will need is a blanket, preferably a fire shield blanket; you can even get one that is insulated now.

Third, you will need is some candles, water proof matches in a sealable water proof bag, and you can even put in some roadside emergency flares, or glow sticks. If you can’t find these some roman candle fireworks work well for flares as well.

Fourth, you will need to pack is a shovel; get yourself a durable fold away metal spade shovel.

Fifth, is water, that’s right water bottle or canteen, make sure to add some tablets to dissolve in the water if you’re trapped and have to resort in drinking ground water. You may also want to add several high energy bars and vitamins to help carry you for a few days.

Sixth, you should have is a flashlight and battery operated or wind up radio, if your radio or light runs on batteries make sure to pack in a few extra packages of battery types. Seventh bag is a whistle or compressed air horn; this is certainly to get the attention of people on foot searching for you.

Seventh, you should get is that of a tool kit, make sure you have a 16 ounce hammer with claw in it, screw drivers, basic socket set, and small axe.

Eighth, you should pack is a few can goods with can opener enough to last a few days make sure they are small and compact cans.

The Ninth item you need the most a compass, a time piece and a paper and pencil.

Tenth, needed in a survival pouch is a good book and some rope about 100 foot.

Mathew Paterson or Matt is an outdoor enthusiast, who loves hunting and camping. If he’s not outside he’s spending he’s time writing and sharing his experiences about the two subjects. He hopes to help people improve their hunting strategies, how to best enjoy the outdoors and how to better plan for an emergency crisis.

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