The Use of Precursors in Scientific Medical Research

February 13, 2019 0 By Jeff

Chemical laboratories that use precursors of drugs such as CAS 16648-44-5 (Benzeneacetic Acid) in their work must constantly monitor their consumption and keep strict records of substances of this type. Separate types of accounting for the use of these substances in laboratories are not required except for the mandatory recording of information about them in the corresponding journal. Precursors in the laboratory are stored in specially created conditions that exclude the possibility of unauthorized access. You should use different methods of verification of precursors to determine the number of chemical reagents.

Accounting of Precursors in the Laboratory

You should get a license for storage and use of precursor when working with it. Special conditions and qualified personnel should be present to get this document. There are strict rules of accounting of precursors to prevent possible options for trafficking of such substances.

The premises in which these substances are stored must exclude access by unauthorized persons. Under the state standards, appropriate warning signs should be posted on the premises where such reagents are stored. If such substances are used in the laboratory on an ongoing basis, then the entire staff of the enterprise should undergo periodic briefings and medical examinations.

Flammable substances are also subject to the requirements of fire safety and labor protection regulations. Besides, there is a separate order for the storage of alkalis and acids.

For example, the numbering of PMK Glycidate in the journals carried out within the calendar year in ascending order of numbers. The numbering of entries in new journals begins with the number following the last number in the completed journals. Pages of magazines not used in the current calendar year are crossed and are not used in the next calendar year. Corrections in journals are certified by the signature of the person responsible for their maintenance and storage. Corrections in the logs are not allowed.

The Main Requirements for Storage

All actions with such substances, in the process of which their weight or volume changes, should be recorded in a special log. For example, storage of Cas 13605-48-6 in the laboratory requires the following requirements:

  • Accommodation in a metal safe, access to which is provided to the responsible person.
  • At the end of the working day, the safe is closed and sealed, the number of reagents in it is pre-checked with the data in the log.
  • A ventilation system must function in the premises reserved for the storage of chemical reagents.
  • Waste reagents should be collected in a separate container and transferred for recycling.
  • The container for reagents must be designed to prevent them from entering the work area.
  • The number of reagents that are stored in the laboratory should not exceed the maximum amount regulated by the requirements of current legislation.

Also, the leading importance is given to the observance of fire safety measures and the creation of conditions for the preservation of psychotropic and narcotic precursors.