5 Tips for Finding Trustworthy Suppliers of Laboratory Chemicals

June 17, 2019 0 By Jeff

Precise and proper results are of paramount importance for each user of lab services. A laboratory can provide high-quality results for its customers only if there is an effective acquisition management system. However, choosing and purchasing the required materials and testing appliances is often a difficult task. This happens because of the wide choice of products and suppliers on the market. The main goal of the lab acquisition management is to make sure that the required resources are provided with the most efficient and timely tests with maximum efficiency.

Types of Procurement For Laboratories

The wider the field of activity of a lab, the more types of procurement may exist. Besides, the very area of ​​ laboratory activities affects procurement. For instance, purchases of a medical laboratory will differ somewhat from the types of purchases of a construction laboratory. However, for most laboratories, the main types of acquisition can be the following:

  • Procurement of testing or measurement tools. If necessary, the laboratory may involve other laboratories to perform certain types of research, testing or measurement. Such a need arises for large amounts of work and in case of force majeure.
  • Purchase of services for the calibration of measuring equipment and instruments. This type of procurement is present in any laboratory.
  • Procurement of personnel training services. To maintain the technical competence of the staff, the laboratory should conduct periodic staff training. Training services may not be regular, but they also have a significant impact on the testing process.
  • Purchase of measuring equipment and instruments. This type of procurement is present in any laboratory at least once. Also, there is often a need to purchase various means to calibrate measuring instruments or control the accuracy of measurements.
  • Purchase of consumable chemicals and auxiliary equipment. The example is 3F-A-PVP. The daily activities of the laboratory can not be carried out without the use of auxiliary equipment and consumables. Regular replenishment of such resources is one of the tasks of procurement management.

Each of these types of procurement has an impact on the testing process and, ultimately, on the reliability and accuracy of the results of the services provided.

Five Tips on Choosing a Supplier of Chemicals for a Lab

When choosing a business partner, research chemicals, the laboratory management gives preference to companies which offer the following:

  1. A good range and convenient packaging of goods;
  2. Efficacy and ease of reagents’ use proven by clinical trials;
  3. Eligible products that are made according to the requirements of the relevant institutions and testing facilities;
  4. Products that conform to the international ISO standards;
  5. Besides, experts believe that high-quality chemical reagents for laboratories are made in the countries of the European Union.

Undoubtedly, every lab faces the challenge to find a trustworthy supplier especially if a particular chemical is required for the first time. It would be reasonable not to order a complete batch at once. Trial order can be placed so that to check the way a supplier works, as well as to verify the quality of the ordered chemicals.